Isle of Wight – Final update

Some of us were woken up by the sound of rain at 5 in the morning, but we soon went back to sleep.

At 9 o’clock, as we were getting ready to go to Robin Hill, there was a thunderstorm and the rain was pouring down. As usual, we all ate a good breakfast. As it was still raining, we had more time to spend on our diaries. Eventually, just before 10, we left the hotel.

We were so lucky. As we entered Robin Hill the rain stopped and the weather was fine for the rest of the day. We started with the 4D film, one of Miss Scott’s favourites. While Mrs Harriman waited at the exit for us, she saw a red squirrel! Miss Scott was very upset that she missed it. We went on ‘Colossus’ several times.

After that we climbed up the Squirrel Run, then stopped for lunch in the big field.

After lunch we watched an owl display that was very interesting. We crossed all the wooden bridges over the pond and played some more before riding to the top of the hill on the tractor bus. We went to another display, this time with a turkey vulture and then a kestrel.

After a second visit to Colossus and the gift shop, we returned to the hotel.

To finish the week, we have a karaoke and disco evening.


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2 Responses to Isle of Wight – Final update

  1. Ansu (6S) says:

    The colossus was fun it went really high and then just dropped thanks to all the teachers for taking us to the isle of wight it was the best school journey i’ve ever been on

  2. Jackie knight says:

    Hi everyone, so glad to hear you are having such a fun and interesting time, and also I think you have all been fairly lucky with the weather.
    best wishes from Jackie Knight[Florries Granny

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