1B’s Chicks – Day 6, 7 AND 8!

Our chicks spent the weekend with Mrs Collette and her children! Mrs Collette’s daughter, Ella, wrote a lovely thank you letter to 1B:

Thank you Ella, Henry and Mrs Collette for taking such good care of our chicks over the weekend!

Today, we noticed that the chicks looked different! We decided to take a few chicks out of the brooder box so that we could have a closer look!

“They are getting feathers” – David

“They are eating food so that’s why they’re getting bigger!” – Mabli

Can you remember any of the other changes we noticed?

We also held the chicks today:

Take a look at our video below:


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  1. Kassie Collette says:

    Thank you for your lovely message 1B. We really enjoyed having them at our house.

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