Room on the Broom week

This week in Purple class we have been reading the story Room on the broom by Julia Donaldson. 

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The children counted how many snakes and frogs they wanted in their. witches soup   IMG_5547IMG_5559

The children dressed up and had a witch race. IMG_2443IMG_2438


The children made potions in the witches kitchen. 

IMG_1272 IMG_1269

Elizabeth made a time potion, so that her mum would come quicker. 



Ernest made a number potion. 


Joe made a witches house, then drew a plan so the witch would know how to get around her house. 



Amara wrote a sign to warn the witch, that it was a trap. 



The children drew witches and made up their own stories. 


Recommended books to read with your child this week

  • Room on the broom by Julia Donaldson 
  • Argh Spider by Lydia Monks 
  • The Great Dragon Rescue by M.P Robertson 
  • George and the Dragon By Chris Wormell 
  • Jampires by Sarah Mcintyre 
  • Spookyrumpus by Tony Mitton 
  • When a Monster is Born by Sean Taylor and Nick Sharratt 


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