After School Club Ideas

Hello 6F!

If you have any more ideas of clubs that we could have after school, then please comment and we will look at them

Thank you!

Andy and E’nyi

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21 Responses to After School Club Ideas

  1. emmanuel;[] says:

    we can do film club were everybody does there own film and we share it that was my and paul,s idea.

  2. Rovaughn says:

    We could have building club like, we build buildings, cars, house, schools and more… Because i protest about this, it’s because children can interact more with toys and learn how to use them. (I hope this paragraph made sense)

  3. Rovaughn says:

    We could have a building club where children can build different types of stuff for instance schools, houses, cars and more… Because I protested on this subject, I want them to interact more and learn lots of different ways to use or build with the Lego’s.
    (I hope my paragraph made sense)

  4. Carlos 6F says:

    I would really love a math club , to keep up with my learning in math.

  5. I think that we should have a cooking club, after school club, gaming club, netball, dodgeball, drama, gramma, d&t , art club, a arts and crafts tennis club , board games , if there is any more I will let you know

    Happy days 6f

  6. Andy says:

    Thanks for all your ideas the school council will take all of your magnificent marvellous ideas to consideration and hope both of us will be able to express your ideas and hopefully make them a reality. [ I think miss Felton is meant to say something like this ‘I just couldn’t help blogging this after all your great Ideas in the classroom and on the blog’]

    I’ll do my best … probably E’nyi to I hope I can represent all your sensationally astounding ideas [oh no I’m typing again…].

  7. Cheick-Moustapha says:

    I would love to have cooking club and possibly Rugby

  8. Naomi says:

    Hi, guys, I think we should have an archery club but at the end of the arrow would be soft and sticky not pointy!

  9. Grace says:

    I think that an origami club would be interesting and unusual!

  10. Grace says:

    Maybe we could have a fencing club. (Although, the safety equipment may be difficult to acquire.)

  11. KANE ;) says:

    Loads of cool ideas have been put down, but I think we should have an online club, where you can go on the iPads/Laptops and go on educational (and fun) apps like GarageBand, mathletics, and more.

    Also, we could have an Art club, where we can learn how to draw certain things, and just draw art in general.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. divine says:

    maybe badminton

  13. Miss Bell says:

    Hello 6F,
    we’ve got some ideas for clubs for you.
    Flo: Ice cream club
    Gil: Hair styling club
    Flora: Sleeping club
    Ameerah: Sleepover club
    Leszek: waiting club
    Emma: Playdough club
    Smith: Spiderman club
    Nathaniel: Tennis club
    Michael: Football club
    Rebekah: Birthday club
    Alice and Jordan: Dinosaur club
    Lenny: Pancake club
    Kit: Bouncing club
    Gustav: Titanic club
    Daisy: Learning club
    Rafael & Vittoria: Basketball club
    Saarana: Reading club
    Mirabelle: Drama club
    Kalifa & Mylo: Racing club
    Autumn: cupcake club
    Nelly: Bug club
    Louie: bumper cars club
    Miss Killick: Board games club
    Miss Bell: Craft club

  14. honey says:

    these all sound like great ideas especially the year ones but i think we should have a table tennis art and volley ball

  15. Rosie says:

    Knitting club, felting club, embroidery club, sewing club
    Felting is where you have foam mats (a4 size) and a thin needle and some coloured sheep wool and you can make different shapes (to get the right shape you can use biscuit moulds). Felting could possibly be for older years.
    Younger years could do wet felting (making balls and beads. This is where you have warm soapy water and you roll the felt in your hands until it is dry.)

  16. Paul says:

    Hallo, it’s meee
    I got some ideas of clubs:
    1. Filming club (with real big cameras, effect and all that stuff)
    2. Complex Science / Engineering (explaining how exactly things would work and even showing big name companies’ prototypes)
    3. Piano Club (teaching grades 1-6)
    4. Survival club (teaching what you should do in real life disaster situations)
    5. Life hacks club (teaching you how to make things that will make you surprised at things that you never would have thought of)

    That’s all I thought of and I VERY much agree on Kane’s idea.
    And another idea which is not so good (but I’m saying it anyways), Optical illusion club.


  17. Jamai says:

    I miss you guys so much

  18. Jamai says:

    Can’t wait to see you all again soon

  19. honey says:

    a volley ball club or art or gymnastics

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