Roman Museum

We had a brilliant visit to Year 5’s Roman Museum! We could see that Year 5 have worked incredibly hard to create wonderful displays and interactive stations for us to learn at. Thank you to 5F who were brilliant curators, showing us all around the museum.

We were able to design our own Roman mosaics.

Hamish took part in a Roman quiz and Adam won a game of Roman Top Trumps! Adam was really pleased as his prize was a set to take home! DSC05725 DSC05731 DSC05733 DSC05743 DSC05744 DSC05745 DSC05724

We tried the armour of Roman soldiers.

Obi- “It was really heavy.”

Caleb – “It was heavy and hard to get off, but I liked it and it made me look cool”

Hamish – “I liked the helmet because it was tricky to keep on my head.”

DSC05729 DSC05734 DSC05735 DSC05737 DSC05738 DSC05741 DSC05742 DSC05746 DSC05747 DSC05748 DSC05749

We became archaeologists digging for Roman artefacts.

DSC05740 DSC05723

We had some face paint, popular with the Celts.

DSC05727 DSC05732

We tried some popular Roman delicacies and even visited a Roman Pharmacy. Who knew garlic cured everything?

DSC05736 DSC05730

Wanda “Thank you for letting us visit Year 5”


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3 Responses to Roman Museum

  1. Siddiq says:

    I liked wearing a helmet and the armor.

  2. Janice says:

    Us Year 6s didn’t get to visit the Museum, but I’m pretty sure it was amazing! Hey! Fun fact! Did you know that ‘museum’ actually means ‘house of the muses’?

  3. HABIB bello says:

    I like the roman mussem , it is so fun

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