Wick Court Farm Day 1

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25 Responses to Wick Court Farm Day 1

  1. Ruby says:

    Hi guys!!!!!
    Looks like you guys are all having lots of fun out there in the wild! Hope you have a wonderful time and see you on Friday.

  2. Anna taylor says:

    Good to see lots of smiley faces and I know it will get even better when you get involved in all the fun activities.

    It is very quiet at home without you Grace!

    Lots of love to you all xxx

    • Abigail Felton says:

      There’s lots of smiley faces, we’re all enjoying the activities. Unfortunately it’s still quite noisy over here! I hope you’re missing me because I’m missing you. Lots of love, Pickle

  3. Natalea Dymond-Bailey says:

    Good to see them smiling and hard at work already

  4. Elsa says:

    Have a great time!

  5. caroline gracey says:

    Thanks for the photos – hope you are all nicely tucked up in bed ready for an early start!!!:) x

  6. Hannah's mum says:

    I hope everyone is having a lovely time and not working *too* hard!

  7. krystyna says:

    just want to send a message to ranna its mum and im thinking about you just wanted to let her know that i love her x

  8. Aaron Cox says:

    Wonderful to see you’re having a good time already.

  9. Dawn Thomas says:

    Good Morning Yr 5!!! Hope u all slept well & ready to for work! Haha! Enjoy Day 1 love from Dawn xxx

    • Abigail Felton says:

      Hello mum! Can’t wait to see you, it’s Karla and Kane here, hope you’re ok! We’re having a great time, looking forward to seeing you soon. Xxxxx

  10. Magdalena (Naomi's mum) says:

    Good to see your smiling faces, hope you all have a wonderful time.
    Naomi, we all miss you a lot, especially Tayo xx

    • Abigail Felton says:

      I’m coming home soon, but I’ve had a great time. I hope Tayo hasn’t missed me too much, love you lots, see you on Friday. Love from Naomi xxx

  11. Donna Edwards says:

    Good morning year 5! I hope you have an amazing day!! Can’t wait to hear all of your stories and see your photos Matthew!

  12. bimbola says:

    This is Emmanuel Omotoso’s mum, see you here guys you look so fabulous.I miss you, Samson, Michael and Dad miss you too. See you soon.

  13. Tunisia says:

    Glad your all having fun and arrived safely. Naomi. O. enjoy every moment see you Friday. Love you.

    • Abigail Felton says:

      Hi mum, I’m loving being at Wick court farm, there HAS been mashed potato but I tried it! We went to the gift shop and I bought a few presents. Every day here has been amazing. Can’t wait to see you, love Ese

  14. Paulette Miller says:

    Hello this is Rovaughn’s mom.. I am very happy to see you all and you seems very enthused please make the best of this opportunity and always listen. Lots of love from us all

  15. Julia Wraight says:

    Wow, it looks like you’re all working hard on the farm. Lovely to see the pictures of you all with the animals

    • Abigail Felton says:

      I’m having a nice time, I loved the new lambs. The food is delicious! Thanks for your message, see you on Friday. Rosie

  16. Caroline Gracey says:

    Hi Monty
    Lovely to get your message- carson says it’s quiet without you. We all miss you especially Han solo. Looks like you all working hard on the farm- Can’t wait to hear all about it Friday
    Love you loads
    Mum xxx

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