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Victorian Clay Houses

3G have been making clay houses! First, we drew a Victorian house near the school. After that, we carefully recreated it using clay!

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1B – Autumn Walk

Today, we read the story ‘Leaf Man’ by Lois Ehlert before going on our Autumn Walk to Ladywell Park. We looked carefully for different signs of the season. We saw squirrels, a robin and we collected leaves, sticks and conkers!  … Continue reading

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Leaf Man

Today we read Leaf Man.  We used the Autumn things we collected from the park to make our own leaf pictures.

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Autumn Walk

  We went on an Autumn walk with our reading buddies from 6F. We looked and listened for signs of Autumn. We talked to our partners and collected leaves and twigs. Thank you for coming with us 6F.

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Autumn Walk with Our Reading Buddies

Hello 6F, I hope you had a great time this morning on our autumn walk with 1SJ. I overheard some great conversations; what did you discuss? What did you help them to discover? What did you like about the experience?

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1L Autumn Walk by Tia, Diana and Paige

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Potions for Winnie!

Winnie the Witch wrote to us for a second time, because Wilbur had spilled over all her potions and she needed our help to make some more!       We mixed a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with half … Continue reading

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Year 4 Hockey

The Year 4s have had a brilliant half term with the hockey coach, and we’ve had some really exciting games. If any children are interested in joining the Honor Oak Panthers hockey club, here’s a link to their website … Continue reading

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Half Term Home Learning

Over the half term holiday, you could try one of these shape activities at home! Have a fun break and we will see you soon!

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Witches and Wizards Week!

This week, we read ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson and have been doing lots of witchy activities! We have been making potions…. Writing spells ….. Finding 1 more than a given number of bugs for our potions ……. … Continue reading

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