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Healthy Snacks

Yesterday we designed our own healthy snacks.  We talked about healthy ingredients that we could include then drew a wrap, pitta pocket or sandwich.  We also wrote a list of the ingredients we would need. Today we made them.  We … Continue reading

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Key Stage 1 Sports Day

Well done Key Stage 1! You were fabulous today. Here are some photos for you to enjoy… Let me know which activity was your favourite!  

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Sports Day

Today was Sports Day and it was great fun! We got there early so we did a warm up.  Shyan and Faridat were very good leaders. Then we began our activities.  Can you remember what they are called?  Can you … Continue reading

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Home Learning 5/7/18

Class 2H and class 2K have been on a walk in Ladywell Fields and added features to the map they used. They added the swing park, the skateboard park and others. For Home Learning your child will bring home their … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating

We have been talking about how to stay healthy.  Today we made a healthy Pitta Pocket Picnic.  Tell you friends and family about the different skills we tried. Can you remember how to make it?

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Mapping in Ladywell Fields

Today we went to Ladywell Fields and marked all the important features on a map. Before we went we thought carefully about what we should include.  Then we made a key with the words and  symbols. How did we order … Continue reading

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Everyone’s a singer!

Well done everyone who came along to sing at the summer fair.  You were fantabulous!

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Summer Fair

Explain to your parents and carers about what happens at the Summer Fair. Persuade them to bring you to the fair on Saturday. Practise singing your song for the Summer Fair.

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Home Learning 21/6/18 Use this link to practise the dance for Carnival. Practise dancing on the spot and then practise travelling around making all the movements. Also practise singing our Carnival song with the actions.

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KS1 Sports Day

Dear Parents/Carers   KS1 Sports Day Ladywell Arena Tuesday 10th July 2018 (9:30am-11:30am) We are delighted to announce details of our annual KS1 Sports Day at the Ladywell Arena. The event will be held on Tuesday 10th July from 9.30am … Continue reading

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