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Sweet as Sugar – Year 6 Home Learning Spring Week 2

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Year 6 Christmas Performance

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Year 6 Memorable Experience – Egyptian Burial

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Songs and Lyrics

Hello Year 6! Here are the lyrics for all of the songs for the Christmas Carol-oke on Monday 17th: Caroloke Booklet And here are the songs:

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Sacconi String Quartet

Year 5 and 6 were fortunate enough to be visited by the fantastic Sacconi String Quartet today. Can anyone remember the three different sting instruments that were played? Do you remember the Italian words that we learned and what they … Continue reading

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School Council – Suggestions for Playtime

Hello 6F, It’s your school council representatives; E’nyi and Andy. We would like you to give us some suggestions to help us to improve our playtimes: How could we improve behaviour in the playground? How could we ensure that the equipment … Continue reading

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Athletics (Years 5 and 6) Click on the link above to see lots of great photos!

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Art – Medusa’s Snakes

Here are just a few of the amazing snakes drawn by 6F today:       Can you remember the three elements of drawing that we were focusing on today?

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Angle Games

Hell 6F! Here are some fun angle games that you can play! Alien Attack A Tangled Web Angle Golf Angle Mission Kung Fu Angles  

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Year 6 Home Learning

Hello Year 6! We hope that you’ve been enjoying learning about shape and angle as much as we have! Home Learning Angles We can’t wait to see your game controller designs!  

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