Year 6 – Home Learning

Hello Year 6!

We know that the SATs tests will take place next week. Therefore, we have some very important home learning for you:

Make sure that you have a really fun, relaxing weekend. You could go for a walk with your family, read your favourite book, watch a funny film, play a board or card game with your sibling, go for a swim, play some football in the park, whatever you fancy doing!

Have fun, be safe and be happy!

From Miss Felton and Miss Lynch

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  2. Hello Year 6,
    I hope you all have had a good weekend having fun and doing something you enjoyed.
    This is just a note to let you know I will be thinking of you all this week as you take your SATS.
    Just read the questions properly, do your best and you’ll do fine.
    Mrs Howes

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