Bug Club

bug club


Bug Club is a way for children to read books and complete activities which focus on spelling, grammar and phonics.

Children also get the opportunity to complete activities and play educational games as a reward for completing tasks set by their class teacher.

The video below explains how to use Bug Club.

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Investigating Materials – Marvins Umbrella

Marvin, our class bear, wanted to go out during the half term but he heard that it was going to rain.

He asked us to investigate what type of material would be the best to make an umbrella from.

First we talked about fair testing and decided we should keep all elements the same except for the material we were testing. Then we made predictions.


After this we tested each material.

DSC06915 DSC06917 DSC06918 DSC06919 DSC06920 DSC06921 DSC06922 DSC06923

We drew the conclusion that Marvin should use plastic to make his umbrella. Although the tin foil was also waterproof we thought he might get a bit hot under a tinfoil umbrella. We hope Marvin enjoys his half term!!

Marvin and Miss Spicer would also like to wish the whole of 2S a happy half term. :)

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2S Class Assembly

This morning 2S performed their class assembly. It was so fantastic to see the hard work they have done over the term. They spoke in loud clear voices and acted and sang beautifully. Well done Danny for being our last minute stand in as Thomas Farriner the baker!

Thank you to all the parents, carers, friends and family that came to watch and support 2S. Thank you to 1B too! We really enjoyed receiving our cards of congratulations.


Having some technical difficulties with the video but should be up at the start of next half term. In the mean time enjoy these pictures of the smiling faces that worked so hard on their assembly!!!

DSC06903 DSC06904 DSC06905

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1B’s Chicks – Day 12

Today, we said goodbye to our chicks and wrote in our chick diaries for the last time!

‘I miss them already!’ – Katy

‘Their feet tickle your hands when you hold them!’ – Jaquon

‘They’re so cute, I don’t want them to go’ – Sofija

We also shared our chick diaries with our Reading Buddies, 2S!

Thank you 2S for being such good listeners!

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Year 6 Half Term Home Learning

Home Learning 500 Words

I know you’re all really excited about entering this competition. We can’t wait to read your entries, so don’t forget to bring a copy to school as well as submitting it to the BBC website!

Here are some details about how to enter the competition :


And here are some previous winners:


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Flight Olympics









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Weekly Newsletter – Friday 15th February 2019


To read the latest edition of our newsletter click here: HOLBEACH NEWSLETTER (15.2.19)

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Year 1 Home Learning

Over half term your home learning is to read, read and read some more! You could read the books in your book bag, your books on Bug Club and/or books from the library.

Tell your friends on this blog about the stories you have read and would recommend to others. You could write a book review to share with the class.



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Home Learning 15.2.19

When we come back from the half term holiday we will be reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood is a traditional tale. Your home learning over the holiday is to read as many different traditional tales as you can!

You could try reading:

Jack and the Beanstalk



Sleeping Beauty

The Three Little Pigs                  to name a few!

After you have read some stories, think about which one was your favourite and why. We will be asking you all after the holiday.

Have a great half-term.

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Home Learning – 15.2.19

spring 1 week 6

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1L’s Chicks Day 11!

Tomorrow is the last day with our chicks. We enjoyed holding them today and observing how they have changed.

We then had the idea to make them some Valentines cards and leaving cards! We will miss them so much!

This afternoon, we proudly shared our Chick Diaries with our buddies in 2T.



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