Bug Club

bug club


Bug Club is a way for children to read books and complete activities which focus on spelling, grammar and phonics.

Children also get the opportunity to complete activities and play educational games as a reward for completing tasks set by their class teacher.

The video below explains how to use Bug Club.

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In the nursery we have been very lucky to watch five baby caterpillars grow into butterflies. This week the butterflies emerged from their chrysalis and we set them free into our nursery garden.

Tell your families all about it.

We examined the empty chrysalis shells.

We examined the empty chrysalis shells.


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4nc Home Learning

Thank you Xin-Yi and Malachi for sharing some fantastic writing with us. We loved hearing the dramatic tale of the plucky little duck and the informative news article all about computer games.

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Purple Class’s assembly

P1000995 P1000997 P1000998 P1000999 P1000989 P1000986


Well done! What a fantastic assembly Purple Class!


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Have a Go Hero Saves The Day

news report model text


Can you learn it BY HEART, with actions?

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Home Learning 15.6.18

In maths we have been learning about capacity. Find the capacity of the measuring cylinders on the home learning sheet then find the capacity of some containers in your home! Think about milk cartons, drink bottles, sauce bottles…

For English try to improve the story by adding synonyms!

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Year 5 Home Learning – 15.06.18

Home Learning – Summer 2 week 2

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Home Learning 14/6/18

On Tuesday Year 2 are visiting Whitstable.

Whitstable is a town AND it is by the sea.

Think about how it will be DIFFERENT to Catford, then think of some ways in which it might be similar.

You could write down your ideas and bring them in to school on Monday.

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This week we have been planning a fair test to find out which habitat woodlice prefer.  First we talked about the habitats that we wanted to include and planned our test.

Next we put the habitats into boxes and put 5 woodlice inside each one.

DSC07689 DSC07690 DSC07691

We left them to explore and predicted where we thought they would go.

DSC07695 DSC07696 DSC07697

Then we returned to see if we were right.

DSC07692 DSC07693 DSC07694

We recorded our findings but came up with a new question.


Do woodlice prefer damp or dry habitats?

The next day we repeated our test but used 3 boxes with damp and dry materials inside.

DSC07700 DSC07701 DSC07702 DSC07703 DSC07704 DSC07705

We checked the woodlice every 5 minutes and recorded where they were.

DSC07707 DSC07708 DSC07709 DSC07710 DSC07711 DSC07712 DSC07713 DSC07714 DSC07715 DSC07716 DSC07717 DSC07718

Look at the results.


What did we find out?

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PC Lucie’s message to Year One!

Today, we received a video from PC Lucie asking us to help solve yesterday’s crime!

Today, we told each other who we think pushed Humpty. We had to share our evidence with the class to prove what we thought.

What evidence did you find?

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Who pushed Humpty?

Last week 1S were shocked to hear about this crime happening in Lewisham! 

We were even more shocked to see this crime taking place in our playground!

DSC05239 DSC05240 DSC05241

We explored the crime scene and wrote notes to pass on to the fairytale police! What clues did you find? Who do you suspect pushed Humpty?

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