Bug Club

bug club


Bug Club is a way for children to read books and complete activities which focus on spelling, grammar and phonics.

Children also get the opportunity to complete activities and play educational games as a reward for completing tasks set by their class teacher.

The video below explains how to use Bug Club.

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Get well soon Nathaniel and good luck in your new school!

As we can’t say goodbye to you, we have made you a special video. We hope you like it!

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This week we have been using the clay to make clay teddy bears.

First we experimented with the clay, thinking about how we can shape the clay and the tools to create different textures.

Below are some photos, can you describe the clay to an adult at home? How did you shape it? What textures did you create and how?

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Clay Teddy Bears

In Art we have been using clay.  We spent some time exploring and describing clay.  Then we experimented with shape and texture.

DSC09378 DSC09381 DSC09387 DSC09388 DSC09396

Today we used our new skills to make clay teddy bears.

DSC09409 DSC09410

















DSC09429 DSC09434 DSC09435

Can you explain to someone at home how you made and textured your teddy bear?


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Year 4 become hackers!

Today, 4A had a day dedicated to computing. Earlier this term, we wrote our own school prospectuses in English, and today we started to publish them!

Using X-Ray Goggles, we had a go at (pretending to) hack the school website. Changing the Winter Holiday dates was a popular decision!

The original version of the school website.

The original version of the school website.

A "hacked" version of the school website.

A “hacked” version of the school website.

We then experimented with different HTML code. Once we’d cracked this, we made a start on our own websites. The children used HTML codes to insert text and make changes to the appearance of the page, shown on the left hand side of the photos, with the web page view on the right hand side.

1 2 3

If you like, you can carry on editing your webpage at home by clicking on this link.

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Weekly Newsletter – Friday 14th December 2018


To read the latest edition of our newsletter click here: HOLBEACH NEWSLETTER (14.12.18)

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Victorian Museum

Year 3 were very busy this week creating their own Victorian museum. They showcased the learning that had taken place in class, displaying Victorian artefacts and producing posters and fact files for many aspects of Victorian life. There were many hands-on elements too, where people could try out sewing and make clay houses. The Victorian cooking certainly went down a treat, with biscuits and cakes available to sample.

Parents were invited to visit the museum and the children in Year 3 were happy to be our expert tour guides, sharing their knowledge and talking about the work they had produced.

Other classes in the school had opportunities to visit throughout the week and we would love to hear what you thought of our museum.







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Christmas play

Today was our performance of Lights, Camel Action.  Everyone was fantastic!


Christmas 1

Who do you remember giving a brilliant performance?  What did they do well?

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Lights Camel Action!

Well done Year 2 on a fantastic performance this morning! Beautiful singing voices, lovely loud clear voices and lots of funky dancing!

What was your favourite song? Are there any dance moves you can use over Christmas?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Year 6 Memorable Experience – Egyptian Burial

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Festive Home Learning! 13.12.18

Here are some suggestions of things you could do over the festive period, click on the image below to see a larger version:



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